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Ever wonder how life on a harsh planet could be? What are the information about it, is there atmosphere on any of the planets featured in MEDiAN - The Colony? How can you do some research, how about crafting technical stuff...? and and and, this will be all answered on our "early pioneer guide"..

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The "early pioneer handbook" of MEDiAN - The Colony: - Get everything to know in your hand with this guide through any important fact about the life on MEDiAN 01.100 [...]

Know about resources you'll find through the different planets, what about the vegetations? How's life and daily routine on colony of MEDiAn 01.100? These questions and much more interesting articles will be all answered on our early pioneer handbook...

Want to get one of our strong limited "All-In-One" Guides? Simply support our Kickstarter campaign and get your own copy of our handbook!

NOTE: This handbook will only be acquirable during pre-release and is a strong limited feature for pre-release development supporters.

What's in it? Here's a short preview what our guide will be all about:

  • detailed information overview maps of any planet features in the game
  • read more about the (possible) atmosphere and vegetation
  • "Tech-Panel" learn about technical construction of colony basement
  • Historical storyline of colonization of MEDiAN 01.100
  • NPC colonists overview, read about some important figures on MEDiAN 01.100

and much more...

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