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After 3 years of working on project Ressurection the team puts the brakes on,and work on the decent. "we just dont have the manpower right now, and plus i want to take the story and go further with it"-Mike voces. other infomation on the ressurection can be found on the wiki by going to google and typing broken ballon studios.

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Hello, News on the decent, a new project we are working on. our pervous project ressurection was going to have the unity engine but when our group dispanded i lost my computer. i got one now and everyone (remaining members) the problem is that, its a xp and cannot do whats needed to cont on the project. but since we still have the rights to franchise but not the game we are working on a prequl to it and its going to be the frist game released by us on a FPSC engine. we have no due dates. so if you would track this game. thanks and i will cont to put up screen shots,info,and vidoes of the progress.

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