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Explaining the progress of the scenario of the mission mod as well as the estimated release.

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Long time no see people. I hope you all checked the COD4 Rooftops Campaign and the New Spec Ops Missions related to it. If not I really suggest that you check them before deciding to follow this mod.

So, I sat down and wrote "The Deal" scenario or mission sequences to be exact, which means that now I know all the things I need to put in the map. Previously I only had random things I planned to put without knowing the full scale of the map. In other words writing things down did actually organize my imagination about that mission and made things more clear to me.

As you already know from the Demo the mission takes place in a London hotel where you (as an Mi5) agent have to reach the designated room with you partner and stalk the deal that takes place at the opposite apartment. That's what we know so far. But here's some more info about it.

The mission is splitted up in three parts. Agents, SAS and Police parts. It is not decided yet if they all will be included in one single mission/map-file or splitted in seperate mission parts. It's possibly going to be all in one. Player will firstly play as an Agent, then as a SAS, and finally as a London Police Officer. It all links up in the end. No spoilers.

The map will also feature stealth hallway clearing and action hallway combat plus London street fighting.
Other features like custom weapons will be published sometime in the future.

In conclusion, given the mapping and scripting skills I developed, if I ever finish Rooftops 2, The Deal Mission won't take too long to be developed and published. I might as well work on it at the same time I start working on Rooftops 2 and develop both projects at the same time. But Rooftops 2 is priority, then The Deal.

Estimated Release Date: A few months after Rooftops 2 is released.


I hope you can figure how to map this map on COD4 remastered. By the way, huge thumbs up for your work.

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SPi-99 Author

You should know that MWR is not moddable or mappable.

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i knew you'd look into that at one point, The Deal was an inspiration to a portion of a story i once wrote :D

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