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A small update for all our followers of The Contract, things aren't completely dead!

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Morning everyone,

We hope you're doing well! Thanks for still following our project, here's a small update on how things are going..

So I'm sure you've seen our last post in regards to pausing The Contract whilst we develop a smaller game titled GOMBIES. Please help us by following GOMBIES progress, it's our flagship PC/Console title and will make way for our next project.. The Contract.

So here's how things are planned:

Official development (Paid - Funding) starts May 1st 2015.
GOMBIES will be released (At least early access) by Christmas 2015.
The Contract development starts April 2016.
The Contract will be released (At least early access) by Christmas 2016.

We know it's a bit far right now, but we promise if GOMBIES makes the money we require to keep developing.. The Contract will be next!

Once again please visit GOMBIES:

Or our website:

Also follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on YouTube and favourite us on Twitch.
All links are available on the website!

Many thanks again for following our journey, please support us! We really appreciate it.

Thank you,
Dean Day.



What engine will be used for 'The Contract'?

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Bravo81 Author

There's a very good chance we will be using Unity 5, but will be open to the Source engine depending on how support is.

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Since Source 2 got announced this week, why not wait for the Source 2 SDK?
'The Contract' would be great on Source 2.

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^ That's me.

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Bravo81 Author

The reason we switched in the first place was because Valve lacked support and the correct tools to develop for the Source 1 engine. As above depending how the Source 2 engine is released, we will see which engine is best at the time. :)

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