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The old republic wrote this article about one of their raids. Special thanks to them for the article and i can add this to our archives

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Raid on Fondor

Republic: High General Avenger's Flagship, Supream Admiral Airaviper's Flagship, 31 Hamerhead Class cruisers, 52 Forey Blocade Runners, 40 fighter squadrons, 20 bomber sqaudrons, sizable ground force.
Sith: Unknown Sith lord's capital ship, 45 Ravager Class Capital ships, 63 Leviathan Class ships, 8 golan class space stations, unknown number of shipyards, unknown number of sith buzzards, unknown land force.

Republic victory, sith retreat, shipyards under republic control, Fondor under republic control, death of unknown sith lord, production increase of republic navy and recruits, promotion of Supream Admiral Airaviper to High Admiral Airaviper.
The Battle:
After the sith violated the peace treaty between the republic and sith, the republic knew it had to gain more ground and decided to take the planet of Fondor. Fondor was well defended so Supream Admiral Airaviper proposed that he would lead a raid on the defences. Avenger agreed and Airaviper lead a force of about 6 hamerheads, 13 corvetts, 5 fighter squadrons, and 4 bomber squadrons against the massive sith fleet.
Raid on Fondor shipyards
To everyone's surprise, Airaviper was slaughtering the sith. Ship to ship, station to station the sith's defences were crumbling. The sith were caught completely by surprise. Admiral Airaviper signaled General Avenger that the sith were caught by surprised and that most of their stations were destroyed. General Avenger came in with the bulk of the republic fleet and surronded the unknown sith lord's capital ship. Avenger concentrated his fire on the flagship until it cracked. As soon as the remaining sith forces saw their comanding sith lord's flagship destroyed, they retreated. Fondor's citizens found out of the sith defeat in space and revolted, they killed most of the sith forces gaurding the planet below.
Republic ground units quickly helped the revolt and secured the entire planet.
Republic: 5 hamerheadcruisers, 15 forey blocade runners, 16 fighter squadrons, 4 bomber squadrons, three squads of Republic soldiers.
Sith: Sith lord's flagship, 37 ravager ships, 52 leviathan cruisers, all ground forces, all space stations, unknown number of sith buzzards

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