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I've been gone for a long,long time my friends. And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. My name became legend. Legend became myth. And for one and a half year, my existence passed out of all knowledge. But now I come to you at the turn of the tide. And doing a review of this movie that made me sad. SPOILERS AHEAD!

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The beginning of the end:

The last chapert of the movie starts as expected at Esgaroth. In the Desolation of Smaug you couldnt really see how huge the Smaug is. But once you see it compared to the town of Esgaroth you will stay amazed just like I did.
Even thou that in the movie the story goes quite nicely with Óin, Fili, Kili and Bofur staying in the town I still kinda dislike it. But like all diferences between the book and the movies I got over it.

Thorin: The sickness of the mind:

The way it is shown how Thorin isnt himself anymore is just as you would picture it while reading the book, at least in my case. The look in his eyes while he looks at the gold and they way the tone of his voice is expressed is great. The way he treats the company and makes them to look for the Arcenstone shows perfectly why his grandfather went insane.

Tauriels and Kilis story:

Well this was unnecessary but its the way that movies function this days meh. I would prefere that its about Legolas and Tauriel but well wat can you do. There is not much to tell exepte we all know Kili si going to die and she is gonna cry.

New and improved Azog:
Comparing him to the cgi effects from the first movie its hugely noticable that he is improved finnaly
I wish he looked that good in the first movie. If I recall good in my first review I said that he is badly made. So he now looks really good even gets his hand replaced for the battle a sword instead if that claw looking thing. His and Thorins fight will look fammiliar in the start. Azog found some stone block that has a chain linked to it and he swings it like its 2003 (hope you get the joke:P)
The fight is ammusing but somewhat predictable. Now last time I read the Hobbit was 4 years ago so correct me if im wrong. Azog is killed by Thorin just like in the movie but his son Bolg is killed by Beorn right? Not in the movie. Legolas kills him in a spectacualr battle. Was interesting and expected.

We see him for about 15 seconds :( I expected more!!
He jumps of an eagle and transforms into a Bear in mid air and reaks havoc to the orcs lines.

Thranduil and Legolas:
Thranduil is just like in the book exept the parts with Tauriel.
Legolas well all I can say that he is badass like allways and the scene I really really liked.
At the end since Tauriel is banished from the relm he says that he cant go back to wich his father asks him where shall he go. And he replies that he needs to discover that yet. So his father says something that just made me happy it made the story of the hobbit and LOTR bigger. So his says go to the north to the dunedains theres a ranger you should meet his is known by the name of Strider. Legolas asks for his real name but he dosent get a answer Thranduil says: That is for you to find out.

Nothing much to say about him. He becomes the "Aragorn of Hobbit" and shoots a black arrow on innpossible way.

The battle:

The begining is awesome. It last very long and its fun all trols dont look the same wich is good. Its huge its great you need to see it. To describe it in detail would be to long. Its like nothing you have seen in the LOTR its bigger its better its perfect.

Dain Ironfoot:

His entrance awesome (but nothing can beat the rohirrim charge) in his act you can feel the stubbornes of dwarfes. And the way he and hes army charge outnumberd on the orcs is typical dwarf like. They outnumber as you say? Who cares lets brake them. They take a shield wall formation and wait for them and in that momet elves jump over them and it gets on.

Thorins, Filis and Kilis deaths:
Even though I knew whats coming I wasnt prepared for this. Fili and Kilis deaths are brutal and I will let you see it for yourself. Thorins I cant remember was it like this in the book. He let Azog stab him so he can kill him.

Overall and why it made me sad:
Great movie better than expected thats enough by its own.
Why sad? Well because its the end no more Middle-Earth movies... It began for me 14 years ago and now its the end. It left me wanting more! For last 4 years I knew ill see the new Hobbit each december and now its gone. And since the gameing industry has given us nothing excepte Shadow of mordor since the BFME2: Rise of the witch king. NO THATS NOT TRUE. Yea I know but honestly what good LOTR games came out except Shadow of mordor ok maybe LOTR LEGO?

NO MY FRIENDS IT IS NOT! So few days ago I saw a post that says that Peter J. has a plan for making a not 3 prat but 72-PART SERIES OF SILMARILLION. Well I hope thats true by my count ill live to watch about 35 of the since the will go out every 2 years. So hope that will make a movie about the Witch King. Till then Extended blu rays of LOTR and HOBBIT trilogys.


But before a scene that I thought that will be but it didnt (maybe in extended version)
At dol Guldur Saruman says leave Sauron to me. I expected a scene where he becomes an ally of Sauron but it didint happen

1. Battle opening scene
2. Legolas looking at the orckrist and rethinking about trowing it to Throin (Thats in the middle of the fight with Bolg)
3. Rallying of the dwarfes to their king.
4. And the very last scene in the movie. It starts with an old Bilbo looking at his ring and you hear a knock at the door to wich bilbo says: "No, thank you. We don’t want any more visitors, well-wishers, or distant relations." And forom the other side of the door we hear. "And what about very old friends?" and you know how the rest goes.

So here you go I hope you liked it.
Please comment correct me add something and share your thoughts on the movie.
Happy Holidays to everyone!


It's a fairly decent movie. I read the Hobbit novel and I must say, with all due respect to venerable J. R. R. Tolkien, that the film adaptation is/has a more sophisticated chain of events. It's an embellished version of something already astonishingly enthralling. I'm not entirely sure if Jackson used an appendix or even it there is one, but, overall, all additional characters and scenes make the Hobbit movies a better story. I could hardly contain my excitement while watching the whole trilogy.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Galadriel temporarily chase away the Necromancer. It was a fascinating scene and Saruman's decision to go after Sauron made a lasting impression on me. I thought I would see the wizard reach the evil magician, and I was waiting for an interesting duel between them and a persuasive conversation that would lead to a/the pact, but this scene just didn't occur. I sincerely hope we'll see something like that in the extended version.

Honestly, Dáin Ironfoot faithfully represents his kin. When I fist saw him, I instantly thought of Asterix for some reason. He's that adamant, loyal, unbreakable dwarf that takes what rightfully belongs to him.

Overall, it was a visceral battle. All factions were portrayed in an accurate way. The major duels were quite interesting.

When Bard killed the hellish dragon, I expected him to become a legitimate leader of the lake-town. I also thought he and his army would have a more significant impact on the battle, at least in the novel and the cartoon version it seemed his forces were a bit better equipped and coordinated in a somewhat better manner.

It seems Tauriel and Kili's "foreplay" was unnecessary, although it just goes to show that real love comes in all shapes and sizes, so this relation is a valuable lesson about moral values. Now it's a serious matter, not a petty thing to simply overlook.

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It's my personal opinion. I absolutely love Tauriel and I sincerely hope that someday we'll see more of her. Now, was she banished for insubordination? It may be a silly question, but I'd like to know.

I'm glad to hear the Silmarillion might get a movie or a TV-series adaptation. I was about to read this book, but now I'm hesitant and I'm not entirely sure if I should read it or just wait for a digital version most likely embellished by Peter. J.

It's just my short review. It's hard describe a wonderful movie in a few words. I'm a mere observer and a soon-to-be ardent fan.

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Do you have a source which can confirm this? Last time I checked The Tolkien Estate (J.R.R. Tolkien's family) owned the rights of the Silmarillion and I guess not planning to sell it and especially not to Warner Bros because of the ongoing lawsuite.

So I strongly advice you to read the book! And after that The Children of Húrin!

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Unfortunately, I cannot confirm this terrific news. I must have read some seemingly informative articles being completely captivated by the idea that I would see some new movies in the near future. There's a considerable emphasis on the word "might" in my previous/above comment.

Honestly, I still hope we'll get something. I'm not sure who'd direct those movies, possibly P.J. but there may be someone who'd turn a fantastic story into a dismal failure in a Disney style(SW Rebels).

I'm aware of the fact it's not a place to discuss SW, but I must say that even G.L's original trilogy, that is wonderful in many aspects, is not that neat when you compare it to the KOTOR series without TOR. And I'm not sure if I'd want KOTOR to become a movie series, cos' it's a wonderful gem that shouldn't be belittled or demolished. And if there's a Christmas wish I really want to come true, then it's the KOTOR III(the final sophisticated installment that would conclude the entire story in an epic way cancelling the TOR game at the same time).

I'll read these novels sooner or later. I even have them, I only wait for an opportune moment to start this expected journey. :)

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Like you said below about turning a wonderful gem turn into something lesser I completely agree and offcourse I hope we get something too, I'm not ready to leave Middle-Earth.

And about SW I really can't put my thoughts never been into that much, it's a shame I know.

Let me know how the novels were ;)!

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I sincerely hope these critically acclaimed novels will embellish my Tolkien world. I'll certainly read them. :)

If you wish to become an ardent SW fan, you should read EU. And what's remarkably astonishing about SW, books make more sense and are quite informative. But everyone know what happened to EU... the notorious G.L. did something atrocious; here in a nutshell - -_-

Some essential SW novels in order;

1. Darth Bane(before reading this marvelous trilogy you should play KOTOR I and TSL to have a better perspective...).

2. I should mention some TOR novels, but this game is a dismal failure that demolished a perfect story in KOTOR series. I'll just say that if you wish to know what happened to Revan, just read the Revan novel. And while this book is quite cohesive and makes sense, the ending is truly appalling. I may even add that if KOTOR III was based on the Revan book, although the ending would have to be dramatically changed; Meetra and Revan kill the Emperor on the spot, that's it(and there wouldn't be TOR crap later on). Well, in essence, marketing is evil...

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3. Prequels: Darth Plagueis & The Phantom Menace & Attack of the Clones & Dark Rendezvous & Labyrinth of Evil & Revenge of the Sith & The Rise of Darth Vader. There are more, but these seem essential...

4. OT - all 3 novels.

5. I should mention the Legacy of the Force series, but it's not relevant anymore.

I used to be a SW newbie, but my master(ex) taught me well. He's not my mentor anymore. We had a considerable ideological conflict. We're like fire and water now - :/ Now we rarely see each other and when we run into each other, there's an awkward moment and we tent to talk about trivial things only to walk away a few minutes later.

Well, it's okay now. I'm alone and I don't intend to play the field for the time being.
I'm tired of love and its beneficial aspects and side effects. I'm not entirely sure how to explain this to you, it's like Arwen and Aragorn who loved each other, but somehow drifted apart over time only to end everything in an intense manner. And when I think of all hilariously witty conversations we had, this image comes to my mind - :D

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The story about silmarillion as a tv serie was a joke from a humor site other sites believed it and posted it also. it is NOT true!! like LOTRuler says the son do not want to give the rights of the story.

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Honestly, this saga has an inestimable value, so no wonder The Tolkien Estate is careful. I wouldn't want a wonderful gem to turn into something lesser. - here's an amusing review about the Avatar(the animated series) that was adapted into a movie that turned out to be a dismal failure that no true Avatar fan will ever accept. And I wouldn't want the cohesive and dynamic Legend of Korra series to turn into a movie, the story would only repeat itself.

And I guess nobody would want their favorite franchises to turn into a failure(it's a well-based fear that every hard-core fan of any franchise always has).

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