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FAQ time! We answer some questions people have been asking of us. And we invite you to ask more!

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A lot of people have asked me about many things. Some of them related to The A.Typical RPG, and most of them about if I want to buy drugs on the internet to help a Nigerian prince or whatever. So here’s a handy FAQ :

Q. What is the difference between the Normal Edition and The Extra Cheese With Lightning Bolts Edition?
A. The difference is extra and new content in the future. Basically, Full edition buyers will get the full game and any bug fixes to it. ECWLB buyers will get everything Full edition people get, along with new content, short stories and scenarios that we plan to add shortly. Also, ECWLB buyers will get a chance to try new features we add to the game engine. Think of it as an extended not-really-beta test (like the Minecraft model).

Q. Where is the Linux version? You aren’t swindling us out of money, are you?
A. No. I am working on the Linux version, along with the nasty segfault bug that prevents users from launching the Linux demo. I will get a Linux version out as quickly as possible. Thanks to the Linux gamers who have dealt with me patiently, and I admit I should have planned this better. But hey, we live and learn, and I promise to sort the lack of Linux version out quickly. Sorry for the headaches that I have caused.

In case you cannot wait to try out the game, I tried the windows version on Wine and it worked properly. Please use that as a stopgap while I atone for my sins fix the bugs.

Q. I have found a bug in the game! Where do I report it?
A. Email me with the details (and screenshots if possible) of the bug, along with what caused it. At the peak of beta testing, we were like 3 people, so I accept that there may be a few bugs we missed. It’s still 50 percent less buggy (TM) than your typical game at launch ;)

It's probably a bug in the article.
It's probably a bug in the article.

Q. I want to buy the game now! Where can I buy it?
A. You can buy it from Desura (a digital distribution service for Indie games).Go ! Now!
Desura Digital Distribution

Q. I want to ask you something else about the game! I am not selling any pharmaceuticals, honest!
A. I’ll be happy to answer your questions. Use the email link.

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