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The download for the first ever release has been posted!

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I'm afraid there were a few things in the last post that have been changed!

Let me give you the low down:
because we here at tale and lore are just so nice! We've decided to post the download a bit earlier so you don't have to wait.
This does however mean that to see Talvaria you will have too wait for the next update.

The download contains one ESP instead of three as it was originally going to contain, which means it won't clog up your data file and makes thing easier for us modders!

Now! This ESP will contain a cave from which you can teleport to the realms, on oblivion it's called the Anchient Cave. This cave may only be entered by members of your family, and therefore it is your birthright to explore this cave! The cave can be found by following the road that leads north of bravil, Just fast travel to the bravil stables and walk along the path north and you should see a cave with an ayleid door to your left. Oh and you'll be told that you've found the anchient cave! so that's a clue.

Upon entering you'll be in blue light. This lighting is completely unique through out the cave so if you're lost just look for this lighting. All the passages leading to activated portals will be lit with orange lighting. A little tip, the first world to enter is The Shores Of Salehm, Don't go to Olafur first!

So now on to the worlds. In each world diaries have been left by some unknown relation of yours by the name of Alandair J Fox. He seems to be writing to his lost child, but it's the only lead you have! You'll have to follow these letteres and learn more about your heritage.

The clever ones amongst you will notice that the diares don't start from number 1. The first portal must not have activated yet! Let's hope those first diares didn't say anthing important...

Well that's enough reading! go download the mod and try it for yourself. So from both of us here at Tale and Lore, we really hope you enjoy this mod that we've lovingly crafted just for you! Please feel free to drop any comments or constructive criticisms, we'd love to hear from you.




:l I wish i had read this before going to olafur :P Good thing I'm a save spazz....

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