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Brad Wright has finally announced today the end of the Stargate franchise.

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The end of the saga. For now, at least.

In short:

No more SGU.
No new spinoff series.
No final movie for SGA nor SG1.
No-more-nothing. That's it.

One of the worst imaginable endings for such a great saga.

(Admin's note: No more Stargate. For now.)

Dreadacide - - 2,600 comments

This news is more painful to read than having to listen to Rebecca black...

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lol1234 - - 1,765 comments

It says "For Now", meaning, nothing for a few years, but you never know, they could change their minds in a week or so, and we'll have something like "Stargate Cosmos" or something like that :p

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FracturedFilter - - 20 comments

Im hoping for something...but for now. Guess we got the SG-1/A/U episodes to still rewatch and enjoy....*sigh*

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Sanguinius - - 5,719 comments

**** every SG hater and critic in the world, you ruined a great TV Show and you all should expect some dude with a gun on your door.

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Dr.Afanickton - - 1,183 comments

Argh =\ fans will continue to thrive.

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BuddyC - - 435 comments

Indeed. My plan is to watch an episode a night, starting with the original movie. Go all the way thru in chronological order (the SG-1 SGA overlap will be lots of fun) and by the end it will be a new year. :)

Who knows there might be a miracle at the final hour.

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J.Sheppard - - 61 comments

In reading of this topic when it first came out I threw my old laptop against the wall breaking it in half. NK Ive just now bought a newer laptop one I hopefully wont break in a fit of rage.

Its sad to see such a wonderful series come to an end, and the fact that there is no new run off series that is known of to date, planned to come out makes it even worse. All I can see that we can hope for is that in a few years they will finaly be able to straighten out their financial issues and hopefully release the SGA and SGU finishing movies, that atleast would wrap it up for me personally. Although I still would love to see the series continue, and I hope it does occur. So my heart goes out to all the fans of SG1, SGA, and SGU and may we hope that in the future it does come back. Hopefully MGM will see the error of their ways and bring our Stargate back to us; the fans. That is all we can hope for at the moment.

In the meantime im going to be taking my free time and see about starting a stargate based game in their honour, free of charge to play of course "indi3". For now im going to work on this alone... designing the concept myself along with the entire plot and storylines. Im currently wondering what I should start on... I guess only time will tell.

A really really big fan of SG1 SGA SGU...

Christov / A Russian with a really big gun.

And feel free to send "HATE MAIL" to MGM about them cancelling our most favorite show. If needed I will provide the link. Just pm me.
Who knows maybe we can boycott them untill they bring our stargate back... Just an idea.

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tsburesh - - 109 comments

I wouldnt boycot them. If they make something good now or in the future we shud support it just like we supported stargate... I really wanted to see those movies though... I want to see a blue ray edition of sg1 with extended episodes, and comentary on all eppisodes... I'll admit, i didn't like sgu as much but... wow no stargate... I felt atlantis needed at least one more season. Sg1 at least two more, sgu was in my mind finaly getting good, geting fine towned.

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tsburesh - - 109 comments

Everyone favorite episode and the memory.

Mine: Sg1 ground hog day spoof. O'niell loopin through time and the condement plate smilly face. I watched it with my best friend one of the last times I saw him before he died. We laughed so hard.

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Naga_Sadow - - 480 comments

Stargate is the best mouvie,show and everything!I think they could continue whit SG1 and Atlantis in co-op,The lucien aliance,new factions but defenetly O'Neill,Carter,Jackson,Tealc,Vala,Mitchel and ROdney and Sheaperd must remain!

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J.Sheppard - - 61 comments

Just checking out mgm site... COUGH "SG-O" "StarGate Orion"
Concept ideas only on there... probably BS.

But still, cant give our hopes up for a new show.

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