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So it all begings some months ago. In a land called Kickstarter. A guy met a guy, who met a guy.

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That is something. That is something, probably, every Indie developer dreams about.

And it's very touching in a normal human way. We started our Kickstarter campaign to make an English and Polish voice over. The campaign itself failed, but we have built a pretty big community from all over the world. Ok, mainly Poland and Germany. But still, it is pretty big.

And during this Kickstarter period, we started talking with a mysterious gamer who wanted to help. He has sent us good Kickstarter pages, so we can improve ours, gave us tons of feedback and in the end he himself fell in love with the game.

Our campaign failed, but our new friendship lasted. So we managed to pull some of our private resources together, talk to some people, and we bought in a very good price the English and the Polish voice over. Both are wonderful. And then our new friend - is like HEY WHAT ABOUT THE GERMANS?!

i am like

- Sory we don`t have money for one more. Maybe in a year.

- Hmm, hmmm. He says. I WILL DO IT - just let me ok?

and so from the ashes of failure a fenix arises.


a german youtuber, who took on himself to make an amateur but still pro german voiceover.

Theophil Nerd logoyou see this logo you know it`s him.

Why do I say it is still pro?

Again Theophil!

He thought how can I find people with great voices that loves games?

Of course! My fellow youtube companions. They probably just like me. Dream about beying a character in a game. YES! That will be ton of fun.

Ooo. And he found arround 30 people with great voices. Here catch a little teaser.

That is also made by him. Man which indie developer can be so lucky and have such great fans before he even released the game?

I am touched to the bottom of my heart. That someone puts so much heart in our project. Just because he belives in it. It is incredible. It gives us power to work.

Oh man. Thank you Theo!

Btw he will stream for us on the Steam Nest Festival

on 4th and 7th at 21:00 - CEST time

I think it is worth to the met the man!

farathan Steam Next festival

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