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Hi there! As you people might know, it was ages ago I made this mod and I'm sorry for not updating this mod, but fact is I have other things to do nowadays.

There is only 1 reason wich makes the mod crash, It's the smoke. There is no way to change it except if you wan't to change the mod your self (Feel free to make changes) but I'm not going to do anything more.

So as I said if anyone wants to make changes or maybe make the game usable for Warband, don't hesitate just do it!




hey! about that. actually i've been there and done that. yes the smoke would make it crash quite a lot actually BUT, i believe it is actually the sound of the different muskets when firing. if you've noticed this mod has variable sounds when the musket fires; varying sounds means varying kbps, means overload for the soundcard. i believe there is a fix somewhere in the taleworlds forums on how to make the mod make less smoke, but i believe that the sound of the musket firing makes it crash mostly. try making them hold fire then have them fire at will when the enemy is close, it will make it crash. around 80 riflemen would be a good number :)

from a mutual fan of this mod,


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