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Here we are ! We just launched the XNA validation process on Xbox 360, and we are looking for peer-reviewers to pass it. We are also going to make about 150 Collectors CDs of the game, for the PC version.

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You may know it if you are an XNA developper : a game has to pass the review process before being on the market.

That's not easy, there is many test case to succeed, but we launched the process for The Great Paper Adventure.

The game could be available in some weeks (I hope in January) on the Xbox Live Indie Game market ! :D

Also, we are looking for XNA developers to make the game review. As it is not a funny task, we are offering a free version of the Xbox360 version, and/or a collector CD of the PC version to any developer who want to help up being validated.

Here is the link to the XNA game catalog for the review
(you must be connected with a valid XNA account in order to proceed the review)

Because yes, we are going to have a collector PC version ! The basic version will be dematerialized, with a pay-what-you-want system (minimal price will be : 0 !), because we are not trying to sell a professional game and we know it, we just try to sell our work :)

The collector version will be a limited CD including :
- The PC version of the game
- The OST
- Bonuses, like the digital artbook of the game

There will be about 70 units to buy, and it will cost about 5€ (depending on where you are living)

So to sum up for the PC version :
- Digital : free, but if you like the game, we encourage you to buy it for cheap
- CD : 5€, many bonuses, collector

Stay tuned !
Damien (Valryon)

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