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I've been hard at work testing out new textures and working on remaking the beginning map to fit the final aesthetic choice.

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Hello everyone, Ashi here to give you all a progress update on Perpetual Dissonance.

Recently I've been working on some texture changes to help fit with the new clean aesthetic. New metal textures based on beta textures, cleaner props, and some very nice white textures by the wonderful November.

Here is a look at these new textures

For the metal textures I've been experimenting with a new brown metal color. Not all textures are recolored but I think what I have so far could be something good

Screenshot 2022 07 02 232701

As for the Clean Chamber Door

20220702180940 1

It looks very very nice

Here's a few more misc screenshots just because

20220630110421 1Screenshot 2022 07 02 232752

With the progress I've made I hope to be able to present a small preview of a semi finished opening soon!

But that's all I have for now! Ashi signing off!

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