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MGDG Team is glad to present our first game - Terrifying Trip.

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Hello, guys. MGDG team works on action top-down shooter with cooperative mode. We want to introduce this game to you and write few words about it.

Here is the video of raw gameplay:



Terrifying Trip is a 2d top-down shooter game with cooperative mode. As a guy who don’t know what the heck happens around, you need to kill all monsters in your way and rescue your girlfriend. Use different weapons and bonuses to complete levels and get so much score as you can. If you enjoyed such games as Crimsonland and Hotline Miami, you’ll definitely like Terrifying Trip.

  • Breathtaking gameplay
  • Cooperative mode for up to 10 people
  • Many interesting challenging levels
  • Driven vehicles
  • Bosses!

Few words about our progress:

      • 1. We work on some fixes of general game structure (rewriting some code) and try to implement cool features like handy level editor.
      • 2. Our first Android-build is ready. :) We tested it a bit. What can I say - general gameplay and feeling of the game on the mobile device is nice but there are a lot more things to do.
      • 3. We've been discussing a lot about the graphics in Terrifying Trip. Actualy we have no skilled 2d-artist in our team so we tried some different approaches to the graphics by ourselves. But we failed. Everytime we try to change graphics, Terrifying Trip loses it's atmosphere and style. So graphics will remain the same until we find some skilled 2d-artist. If you are such a person and want to work on Terrifying Trip, feel free to contact us.
      • 4. We also failed in SCRUM approach in development management. :-[ There is nothing to do with SCRUM in teams of 2-3 people, I guess. But that's not bad thing after all. ;)

P.S.You can download and try our early-early Alpha build for PC. Also you can visit our official website.

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