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I (Craka_J) have started reterraining Valley of Trials and am working on Orgrimmar still. Both are making really nice progress and it looks like I may be able to provide some screenshots soon!

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Good news! Eleandor just informed me that he's triggering everything outside of the campaign, meaning, he hasn't done any bug fixing but is doing other significant additions to the mod such as adding the custom interfaces. What does this mean? Yes, we're behind on schedule with fixing bugs but the good side is that I'll be able to terrain all that I can and want at the same time Eleandor codes the mod! Look out guys... there's going to be a heap of good progress to look forward to.

After hearing this very good news, I immediately began reterraining Valley of Trials since it's quite inaccurate and Mulgore is 95% of the BETA Testers' favorite terrained areas so far, making Durotar hardly an appealing area. So I've taken it upon myself to extend the map size from 237x237 up to 320x320. I'm going to enlarge the current Valley of Trials we've made to be more up to scale (though scaling will be a bit of an issue in this map, but I'm working on it!) and it looks like I'll be able to allow the players to explore some areas outside of Valley of Trails rather than just the exit/entrance like it was.

Orgrimmar isn't making huge progress like Valley of Trials, but I've been working on extending the layout of the map and adding details. I kind of hit a speed-bump where Valley of Spirits seems to stick out more than the Orgrimmar entrance, so I'm trying to push it back into the Orgrimmar area but its going to look pretty compact... I'm doing my best to make it look accurate and look good. Bare with me!

Anyway, everyone is begging me for new screenshots of new areas and whatnot. Well, can't provide screenshots of The Barrens, Ashenvale, Elwyn Forest, and Thousand Needles since those areas are hardly even worked on and will ultimately all be redone anyway. However, if progress continues to be good like this, you can expect at least two screenshots of either Orgrimmar or Valley of Trials (or both) by Friday or earlier. Keep an eye out! I plan on terraining Wc3:WoW all day today and possibly this whole week if no personal interruptions come in the way.

Stay tuned guys! I'm really trying to get terrain that's presentable to show off to you guys!


I want to see Feralas. >:(

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Can't wait to see new terrain, as well as the new interface :D

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Craka_J Author

Feralas won't be coming around soon. Mulgore, Durotar, and maybe the Barrens and Elwyn Forest are areas you should be looking forward to though.

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