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Need to temporarily remove some of the reflections from the Mansion Lab.

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As some of you have noticed, i´ve been working on the Resident Evil 1´s Arklay Research Facility aka Mansion Lab.There has been also screenshots, where you have seen cool puddle and floor reflections.

One of the reflections.

Well...There was the good part, now comes the crap part:
I worked on the level at first on Counter-Strike: Source.
(source 2007 hammer was messing up badly after i had reinstalled OS.)

As you might know, CSS was moved a while ago to Source 2009, which has cool stuff like... Multicore mode, updated shaders, etc.The reflections are made with those shaders, and mod runs on Source 2007.

In case that bells wont ring yet: The reflections cant be used on the mod, until valve has rolled out the critical tool: Source SDK Base 2009.

Therefore i am forced to downgrade the level temporarely (cutting some of the reflections. if not cut, they cause some serious rendering issues), until that tool is out.

Sorry. (Don´t shoot the messenger)

On a bright note, we got a new modeler: hardcoregamer24 .
Give him a welcome, and we will guarantee that "t" wont be released.




np man its not like you said **** it and killed the mod

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It's only temporary. :P Don't fret too much. xD

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Some superb work anyway, and im sure your get things looking amazing again in due time.

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