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We're inching closer towards our release of our first game Ted by Dawn! Thanks to all you supports who jumped on the train early. We've recently added 3 new BRUTAL boss battles, as well as several more stages. We've added our save/load features and implemented the high score system. This game has been a beautiful challenge to make, and we hope that you guys enjoy our finished project.

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Platformer bosses are difficult to make. We underestimated the degree of planning that would go into boss battles (we surely thought that we were over-planning). BUT, we've churned out 3 new really intense boss battles. The best part is, when you die, you immediately get back into the action. No delay, just insane frantic platforming goodness. Grenades and shotgun shells everywhere. Sweaty controllers. Most likely some cursing. It's a great time, and we really appreciate all of you guys who've already played the game. Many improvements are and have been made to the alpha version we have available on Desura.Again, thanks again, and party on!

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