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First a list of the factions since the Summary that has this is outdated.

1.The Alagaƫsian Empire or The Broddring Empire prefer the first name.
2.The Kingdom of Surda
3.The Varden
4.Dwarf Clans of the Beor mountains Needs a more awesome name, (because dwarves are AWESOME!)
5.The Elves of Du Weldenvarden (Needs a better name.)
6.The Bolvek Tribe There are five urgal tribes
7.Urgal tribe 2 Yes

8.Urgal tribe 3 these
9.Urgal tribe 4

10.Urgal tribe 5

Factions added for story mode
1.The Shades Both of these factions will appear later in the story line.
2.The Greyfolk
So that means 10bf+2sf=12 total factions bf=base factions sf=story factions

World map scale: Based on distances mentioned during the first novel, the area of Alagaƫsia seems to be about 182,466 square miles (472,585 square kilometres).

In the real world, this corresponds to slightly less than twice the size of the United Kingdom.So we might need to shrink it down a little.

More will be added later and some subject matter is likely to change.


I only think we should downsize the map if it puts too much strain on an average computer system or if modeling would just take too long.

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We could maybe instead make traveling speed faster if playing speed is the issue.

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