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Great news, Team6 has given us at Flatout Joint a bunch of answers to the questions ask about the new Flatout they have been working on for the PC and 360. ( PS3 version maybe if Flatout5 PC and 360 versions, sell well )

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Great news, Team6 has given us at Flatout Joint a bunch of answers to the questions ask about the new Flatout they have been working on ( questions posted at Team6 questbook page ).

I posted 2 long posts of questions and answers over at Flatout Joint. A most read if you are a Flatout fan:

Flatout5 discussion here:

Here a sampling of answers:

Purple44 @ 08-01-2011 07:35:51
Great to see Flatout alive
and on the Wii. Now pretty please, can you bring Flatout to the PC
where the PC community been waiting forever ( since 2007 ) for a new
Flatout 3.
+++As things look
now, the official name will be FlatOut5. First, there was FlatOut.
Then, FlatOut2. Then there was FlatOut2.5 called "Carnage", but we see
this as a part3 anyways Smiley
Then there was a fourth FlatOut, for Wii only. For some reason, the
publisher named it just "FlatOut" again, but internally it was called
FlatOut4. (since all content was new, the '4' was justified and i don't
think it's similar to FlatOut 1 anyways). Therefore, this version is
called number5. FlatOut5. (not Johnny number 5 or Fast 5, just: FlatOut

Francois labaume @ 12-01-2011 13:46:45
New flatout is
need by everyone, It is very fun game and is one of best. Alot of
people wait for this, and maybe other gamers come to play new flatout
if it alot good. We just want more destructive carnage!rnrnP.S. Sorry
for English, I'm french.
+++More destruction OUI! OUI! (for non-french people: that's a big yes in french)
. We've got way more destruction derby modes by the way.

FrankoManno @ 26-04-2011 06:56:19
Make a pc version that
is 'moddable' - be able to import decals, paint the car etc. Flatout
and Flatout 2 were great racing games, hope a new Flatout pc version
would stay on the same road to what made them great games. And visit
Flatout Joint, they made the game more than what it was.
+++ We'll
release the original source of some of the cars and their textures so
you can modify those. Probably we'll also deliver tools to import these
new mods (model + texture) ingame. Not sure exactly how we will do this.

Team6 hope to have Flatout5 release by the end of this year, 2011. I also found out there will be 12 player races online and maybe more than 12 player derbys online. And NO GFWL!!!! Team6 will use Steam\Steamworks. Smiley

Here a screenshot from what look like an early build of Flatout5:

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interesting. im glad of that new!!

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