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Hello everyone sorry for the long period of not updating. The team and I have been putting all our efforts into the project and have made a great amount of progress on, “Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox,” I will begin back updating the level every at least one or two weeks to show you all where we stand on the project.

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Donnell Gammage (LordKratosX) and I (Sbarrion) are focusing all our efforts on the upcoming Southern Game Expo known as Siege in Atlanta, GA. We are preparing our business cards, a portfolio of Revelations, updating our websites, and preparing our shirts. This is a pretty big step for us and we are hoping everything will go well. I will update everyone on the progress we made the next time the site is updated. Thank you all for your patience and hope you will be excited for us as we are in completing this project.

Level 1 Nigel's Corporation building is still a work in progress the level has been layout is done as well as most of the level's textures. We truly focus on level ones props, camera, and kismet, which are holding us back for a min. The major of the props are modeled and are almost completely textured and ready to be set up in the level soon. Once The level is set and ready I will send updated screen shots for all to see. We want this level to make the player truly immerse in their surroundings as well as game play, so even if it will be a while before we upload an Alpha the wait will be worth it.At the moment though
Sincerely, Dark Phantom Studio

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