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Tiberium Crystal War will be built on the Tiberian Technologies Scripts 4.0

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TT Patch 4.0 sports a realtime integrated anticheat mechanism that stops various known cheats.

Tiberium Crystal War, in 4.0, will have the ability to download new maps from a server's remote file repository. When a player is missing the map it will be automatically downloaded and installed on the client whereafter the client can immediately play the map, no game-restart is required.

Server Side Game Manager is the package for Server Owners who will run a dedicated server. In SSGM disk-based-logging has been replaced with a better technique to write logs directly to a TCP port of choice. This bypasses diskusage and increases server performance. The default Tiberium Crystal War dedicated server logfiles are still created for backward compatibility with older server regulation bots.

Also there will be litteraly a couple of hundred extra new scripts available to the game, be it specifically written for Tiberium Crystal War or Renegade Engine based games in general.

We are currently looking for new testers! Please join us on and in our irc channel at #mp-tcw


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