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The WWC started fresh anew with a group of loyal parent companies to support us in our future endeavors. Take a tour around this famous mandalorian company!

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Quality at affordable prices!

WoutenWarshipCorporation is the result of the merging of several companies and its re-organization under Wout Catarn. WWC has not just changed the logo, it took in other companies and grew a lot. This is due the ordering of many new ships to be built after the devestating war versus the imperials.To this day it still stands proud as the main ship manufacturer for the mandalorian military.

But it is not just starships and warships that interest us. Small arms, rocket launchers, snipers, shotguns, personal armor, shields, vehicles, Droids and mercenaries. All these products from only one producer!


"Violence has its own economy. Therefore be thoughtful and precise in your investment."
―Wout Catarn



Aside from buying our stock units, there are other ways to aquire a unit of your tastes.
We can design you a ship perfectly for you in an instant! just give us your specs and our engineers will put something amazing together.

Don't have any facilities? no problem! WWC sports a large infrastructure within the mandalorian sector and we can make any of your dreams come true! if you provide some or more recources, you get a discount.


Mandalorians know what they want and they wanted the WWC.

What started out as a small Bestine company later flourished on Taris during the great mandalorian crusades. Against all odds the WWC could maintain it's leadership position in the mandalorian economical sector.

Because our products are known to be High quality, battle tested, sturdy and powerfull. What they usually lack in high technological assets, they lake up for in Mandalorian power, might and steel.

Infantry Equipment

A Beskad was an ancient Mandalorian sword made of beskar. Their construction is conducted by Mandalorian smiths, this gave them a natural strength and resistance to lightsabers. Now is your opportunity to own one for yourself!
There are arenas with gladiators whom need swords, there are palaces with warlords who want to boast, officers who want to show their pride and of course, the special forces who need quality material to conduct operations. Why not use the best? Use a Beskad!

Mandalorian Ripper
The Ripper was highly versatile and upgradeable. When properly modified and in the hands of a capable marksman, they proved devastating to opponents. They also ignored personal shielding, giving the wielder an advantage in ranged combat if both combatants were shielded.
Despite being a slugthrower, it was legally classified as a disruptor weapon, and thus banned for civilian use on most Republic worlds

TG40 Trench Gun
A typical weapon of Mandalorian close combat specialists, the Trench Gun is a powerful Shotgun capable of firing rapidly due its two barrel nature but after every second shot, it needs to be cocked again.
Its internal mechanism heats the laser bolts and creates pellets akin to incendiary rounds, capable of light armor.

Mandalorian Assault Rifle
Mandalorian assault rifles were powerful weapons. They were so powerful that they were considered almost overpowered for their size. However, this wouldn't bother their Mandalorian users who, in general, were not known for subtlety during war. The weapon was short and had a thumb through stock with a small scope. Modern variations are sometimes called "Vulcans" and have a longer scope.

AR17 Kaira
The Kaira is the latest variant of the old Mandalorian Assault Rifle and is highly advanced, its systems can be integrated with armor and be linked to the user's heads-up-display easily and has an holographic screen showing various information needed in battle.
It has advanced fire control and a built in grenade launcher and silencer, at the cost of having very limited scope options.

S99 Vengeful
Built by WWC for special forces who need to move quickly in urban environments and provide cover for fireteams, Vengeful is named after its creator. The weapon is short and rugged with a small scope and a silencer, it can fire rapidly when required and not in beam form, so it does not give away the marksmen's position. These features also make it very nice as a hunting rifle.

S101 Hopper
The Sniper Rifle Model 101 or Hopper for short, was manufactured by WWC as a long range anti-material and anti-personal rifle for special agents who needed to remove important targets at long ranges. This required much tinkering as traditional sniper rifles left a long beam trail when shot, engineers found a work around and made the Hopper be not only silent but also invisible when firing.
The Hopper is long and smoothly made with few rugged edges, its both comfortable and deadly.

Mandalorian Heavy Repeater
The Mandalorian heavy repeater was employed by the Mandalorians, during the Mandalorian Wars at the time of the Old Republic, who believed that the only thing better than a big weapon was a fast firing one. Not designed for subtlety, these weapons were mainly used as a frontline weapon due to their very high firing rate combined with the firepower typical of all Mandalorian weapons. In honor of the warrior who once wielded these type of weapons, the modern variation has been nicknamed the "Preserver" by some.

Mandalorian Melee Shield
These shields were characterized by the purple energy field they projected around the wearer. However, their drawback was that they burned out after absorbing so much damage, and could only be reactivated for a certain number of times before being discarded.
Mandalorian power shields were an upgraded version of the melee shield that offered this additional defense against energy attacks.
they were developed and utilized by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, these shields saw widespread use within their ranks during the Mandalorian Wars During that time they served to augment the already formidable protection offered by their assault armor.

Shock Trooper Armor
Mandalorian armor was a catch-all term for the distinctive armor worn by Mandalorian warriors and soldiers throughout the millennia. It was special in many ways, including that it was lightsaber proof. In Mando'a, the armor was known as beskar'gam, or literally "iron skin" in their language—a display of just how central their armor was to a Mandalorian's life.
The wearer was protected from the majority of all blaster fire.
The helmets almost always possessed a T-shaped visor and a sophisticated heads-up display
Mandalorian warriors decorated their armor to reflect personal accomplishments, clan affiliation, or simply personal preference. They often repainted their armor to reflect rank, clan, and possibly the current terrain. They were also known to paint their armor in the traditional colors that represented specific causes the individual might currently be undertaking. The colors, however, did not always have a specific meaning. Sometimes they were just colors that the particular Mandalorian liked. Some Mandalorians wore pieces of armor to honor relatives, both dead and alive.

=Battle Legionnaires=
The BL-series Battle Legionnaires were battle droids produced by the Confederacy of Independent Systems in limited quantities for the Mandalorian Protectors during the Clone Wars.

They were similar in design to the 3PO-series protocol droid and were armed with Briletto-made weapons, such as the AAP-11 blaster. Almost the entire production run, along with a large number of the Protectors, would meet their end on Norval II during an attempt to capture Padmé Amidala.

The droids now once again see use in the Mandalorian Army and have of course been upgraded to meet modern standards. They were great then and they are great now, equal to Mandalorian Warriors in some extent and as such are regarded as if they were a genuine flesh and blood warrior with even some Mandalorians taking up to giving the Legionnaire's nicknames and developing a certain attachment to them.


Canderous Main Battle Tank
Canderous tank.jpgThe Canderous Main Battle Tank was a heavy repulsor lift tank produced by MandalMotors. It was named after famous Mandalorian Canderous Ordo. It was protected by armor that rivalled that of an Imperial AT-AT walker. It was armed with two heavy mass-driver cannons and a concussion missile battery. Despite its weight, it could move in places inaccessible to walkers.
It is a frequently used Mandalorian MBT and is held in high regard among soldiers.

Teroch-type Gunship
The Teroch-type gunship, named for a Mando'a word "pitiless", was a fast-attack gunship used by Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars. If they broke through an enemy line they could surround enemy capital ships in moments.
Its speed is unparalleled to make up for its light-medium armor, it can evade anti-air by flying at its top speed which make the Teroch loved by pilots as they can now deliver their ordnance of missiles and heavy blaster fire to the enemy without going down. The Teroch also has a limited ability to engage in dogfights due its speed but it should not be expected to win often.


G1-M4-C Dunelizard Fighter
The Dunelizard fighter was based upon the M3-A Scyk fighter, retaining that vessel's wedge-shaped wings, though the later model included a number of advanced features. The Dunelizard added heavier payload and shields, but retained the swiftness, adaptability and maneuverability that made the Scyk popular with Hutts and other criminal organizations including space pirates such as Erkon the Vile.

=Reciprocator-class Heavy Frigate=
The Reciprocater is the successor of the Vengeance and is superior to it in every way. Armed with Super-Heavy Concussion Missiles, more mass drivers and even point defences to add to the existing set of mass drivers and laser cannons. The Reciprocator is a formidable warship to face.

Jorir-type Warship
The dagger-shaped class was similar in appearance to the Venator-class Star Destroyer produced millennia later for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The vessel was armed with anti-capital ship missiles.
It had at least four main thrusters, arranged similarly to the later Venator-class and several small auxiliary thrusters. Given it successfully pursued the command ship Courageous from the battlefield, its top speed was the same or greater than the Inexpugnable-class.

Cabur-class Cruiser
The Mandalorian cruiser was a warship design used by the Mandalorian warrior clans during the Great Galactic War.

These cruisers took part in the blockade of the Hydian Way, which resulted in a major military and economic crisis for the Galactic Republic. This blockade was later broken by Hylo Visz and her band of smugglers, when they aided the Republic Navy in besting the Mandalorian fleet.


Mandalorians are among the top warriors in the galaxy, throughout the ages they were known to provide their services to the highest bidder in times where Mandalore had no need for armies and navies.
Mandalorian mercenaries utilize military grade equipment and will fight just as fanatically for their employer as they would for Mand'alor.

Warrior Clan

Armored Group
-Canderous Tanks
-Spar Heavy Tanks
-MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannons
-Missile Attack Launchers

Atmospheric Wing
-Teroch-type Gunship
-M22-T Krayt Gunship

Green Task Force
-M3-A Scyk Fighters
-G1-M4-C Dunelizard Fighters
-Crusader-class Corvettes
-Jorir-type Warships

White Task Force
-StarViper-class Attack Platforms
-M12-L Kimogila Heavy Fighters
-Crusader-class Corvettes
-Jorir-type Warships
-Cabur-class Cruisers
-Vengeance-class Frigates

Red Task Force
-Gladiator-class Assault Ships
-Basilisk-class War Droids
-Crusader-class Corvettes
-Jorir-type Warships
-Lictor-class Heavy Frigates
-Keldabe-class Battleships
“The citizen speaks of opportunity, the bureaucrat speaks of authority, and the diplomat speaks of policy. The warrior does not speak, the warrior acts, and that is why it is he who wins the war.”
―Wout Catarn

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