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The staff here at the Stargate Productions Group are dedicated to this project, here they are.

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Welcome to the Stargate Productions Group

Allow me introduce the team:

Project Creator
- *SGC*gunner15*SGC*

Project Administrators

Project Manager
- marauder76
Project Co-ordinator
- ComicXero

Project Consultants

Stargate Modding Group
SGMG Senior Consultant
- MerlinGalgotta
SGMG Mapping Consultant
- Klon116

InterWave Studios
IWS Senior Consultant
- flyingmongoose

Taurus Group
TG Senior Consultant
- Mularac

Project Memebers

Script Writers
- marauder76, ComicXero, BoundlessApathy, Blacklisted, jacob500, Sealrain, aerial_ace

Mapping / Scene Building
- CKYRules, IanVanCheese, thevegimobil

Visual and Audio Effects Editos
From the Blue Entertainment Company
- Deathil93, DigitalRicky, Sany, Grizzle, Lycosa

Audio Effects Editors
- [SCARECROW], rosasman

Voice Actors
- piper647, rosasman, jacob500, Leanden, Mularac, dragonclaw56, Overlord59


wow... congrats guys, this group has certainly grow a lot since it was created... I can see a good future out of this one. Congrats!

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Thanks Mularac.

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yeah this looks like a brilliant team and looking forward to this brilliant series

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woot i am taking part in something other than copius drinking

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