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Burn your enemies with the HellFire! Eradicate your enemies with the NetherVoid! And survive all the horrors of being ManaBurned!

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SynergiesMOD presents the Warlock!

The warlock is a duo resource character. Casting spells from the HellFire page generate HellFire and spells from the NetherVoid page generate NetherEssence. Both resources give a generalized damage bonus to their damage types, as well as each resource alters the individual spells strength!

HellFire Warlocks cast melee striking Burning blade, Fire Shield and the HellFire Passive proc in order to generate resources!

Where their Conflagration, Eruption, Meteor Storm spells burn and melt their opponents further!

The HellFire warlock can also surround themselves with a blurring barrier of blades, causing great damage through weapon, and spell, procs!

All for the greatness of summoning a death Dealing red dragon as a pet!

NetherVoid warlocks cast ranged Netherbolts, Nethershields and high ranked melee Ranged NetherSlash's in order to generate NetherEssence!

StoneLeap and Shout from Below allow the NetherVoid warlock closing moves and debuffs!

NetherSpikes turn the player into a large Netherbeast smashing the ground and electrocuting enemies in a large arc!

All for the power of summoning a large NetherWarrior to fight by your side...

ManaBurned Warlocks are far from damageless, they top out with a fast cating ManaMissile, multiple missile hitting ManaStorm and a earlier pet that adds to your advantage, the Manaburned Werewolf!

Luckily for warlocks the ManaBurned page adds both HellFire and NetherEssence without also subtracting the opposite, but only in the end tiers of its survival built skills Mana Shield, SoulSeeker, and ManaField.

ManaBurned also holds the key to a massive spell proc that will generate both resources each time it goes off, Frozen Hatred, and the reflective damage proc ManaBurned!

The warlock is a 98% finalized class within Synergies. In the coming days it will recieve its last minor alterations. It is likely one of the most challenging and fun classes you will find in Torchlight 2, and the only class to use two distinctive different charge mechanics! Most spells revolve around a polymorph of the player into one monster type of another, and there have been many many new sounds created for the Warlock by Greatname as well as some very unique summoning circles!

PetrenkaPie - - 1,040 comments

First of all: W00t! I love classes not to be one-way-roads and the skillicons look superb!

So...even though i'm afraid of getting crucified:

Will you merge parts of "the far east pack I+II" and "Asia Skintones"?

It already works just installing both of them but far east got so much content it might be unbalanced just to load them both.

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Wildgiant - - 3 comments

A great stuff! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Loving the Dragon pet, heheheh :)

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Guest - - 694,942 comments

Give me 5,good job干得好!

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