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SynergiesMOD is just under 6 months old and for the most part Version 1 of the mod is all but complete. Not counting class production of the paladin of course. With this done it is time to look back and decide where to go from here. And as with anything this big and expansive its some big decisions to be made.

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VSynergiesMOD was updated to V1.53 today. Which is likely to be the LAST content update for Synergies with a 1 in the patch notes. Beyond fixes the next content will be added in SynergiesMOD V2.000 .

V2.000 Will see a complete rework of the end game dungeon systems, and legendary armor.

Legendary armor will be broken up into more sets, 7 total, and planned over a 5 tier cross-section which will see dungeons progress more on individual monster stats rather then level.

15 world bosses are planned, 13 are already in game for the start of Synergies V2.

The jump in gear in V2 will be a lot smaller then what we saw with the initial tier1 and following tier2 items. Likely to be just slightly above unique items of vanilla status and each tier increase at a much slower pace. This style of design will allow for MANY MANY tiers of gear and for more styles of gear.

SymergiesMOD is going to become a lot more challenging in the end game. More information will follow but for now lets continue to track V1.53 downloads

SynergiesMOD V1.53
SynergiesMOD V1.53

SynergiesMOD V1.53 Lowpopulation
SynergiesMOD LOWPOP V1.53


Keep up the good work!!!

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