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Bone Dancing, Undeath and Undead await with the SynergiesMOD Necromancer class with more minions then you can safely shake a stick at!

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SynergiesMOD presents the Necromancer!

The necromancer blends minions and poison based death magic for a very unique and familiar sense of gameplay! Heralded as the true successor to Diablo 2's Necromancer class you will find many many different ways to dissolve, destroy and dominate the enemies within SynergiesMOD.The Necromancer specializes in Horde Minions!Each horde spell casts multiple minions of its type from Skeletons, to Zombies, to Death Dolls and Spores these monsters are ready to take on the masses of enemies within SynergiesMOD and lay down their undead lives for your betterment!

Master Minion Summoning spells are the opposing side of the spectrum. They summon a single powerful minion that itself casts beneficial buff spells for any Horde minion also summoned! These are the Fury, the Shade, and the Spectral Dragon.

More minions await with reactive spells such as the Faceless Terrors that are summoned upon being struck, Inferno Scourge which are summoned upon killing an enemy, and Honored dead which are summoned when monsters die while under the Death Pacts effects!

And last but not least no necromancer would be finished without minions that are raised from the corpses of their enemies, replicating themselves endlessly upon enemies corpses, and so Reanimation brings forth its own horde of Fiends to the class.

Even with so many choices minions only make up a portion of the necromancer! You can build a very competent magic slinging Necro with Bone Needles, or Bone Spikes and Skull Barrage! If melee fighting is your thing the class can also be built around the Infectious Touch melee skill making your Necromancer a deadly bringer of death in its own right!

No Necromancer would be complete without its ghoulish utility spells... Bone Armor helps you survive even the hardest hits, while Siphon Life drains life from enemies around you, and Spreading the plague creates an aura of poison that follows your necromancer. And who could miss out on SoulShatter, a banshee summoning scream that terrifies enemies around you!

Of course there is more to the necromancer then even minions, castable damage spells, and pure utilities... ground effect AoE spells like Pestilence and Toxic Hex, Minion buffs like Enrage and Bolster the undead, and pure poison built buffs like Bubonic burst give so many build options you will find it hard to decide which is the play style that best fits your needs!

In the end.. its not like you have to survive the Zombie Apocalypse...
because you ARE the Zombie Apocalypse

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Awwww, my favourite fantasy rpg class :)

Especially love the fact the zombies do all the work for ya :D

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