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A synopsis of the gameplay of Syndemic and some of the features under construction.

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Syndemic represents a fusion of elements from some of my favourite genres: the 'Action RPG' (Diablo, Torchlight, Borderlands), and the 'shoot-em-up' (Gradius, R-Type). All of the gameplay takes place within a diseased host body, so you'll be encountering various medical conditions which range from infections to cancer to gluten intolerance. But unlike generic action RPGs, Syndemic does not wholly rely on statistics and numbers to determine your success in battle. Your reflexes and anticipation are just as important as the power of your weapons or the activation of your abilities. Likewise, unlike generic action shooters, mashing the fire button is not a guarantee of success – you must use the right tool for the right enemy, and adapt your style of play to the environment.

Planned Features:

  • Randomly-generated levels and environments filled with microscopic enemies and biological hazards.
  • Experience events inspired by real biology: chase down a cancer cell before it metastasizes, investigate prion sightings in the brain, clear cholesterol from the bloodstream, and guide immune cells to sites of infection.
  • More than 100 possible antibiotic weapon combinations, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, including 15 rare 'Experimental Antibiotics' capable of mowing down dozens of enemies in a single blast
  • Enlist or exploit the immune system; use the body's cells as shields, tools to solve puzzles, or feed them your slain enemies to gain powerful allies

  • Stylized, living backgrounds that simulate the interior of the human body... travel the bloodstream, survive the stomach, and wage war in the brain!
  • Enemies range from tiny viruses to screen-sized amoeba, each with unique behaviour patterns and abilities. Beware of the Genetically-Modified Champions that stalk the body...
  • See how long you can survive in a special Resistance mode, where hordes of enemies adapt to your weapons and strategies

Additionally, I'm working with a cancer researcher at MIT to design some anti-tumor scenarios. In fact, some of the weapons and artwork in the game are based on his real work with bacteria, as seen here:

Also, until December 31st 2013, 10% of profit from all sales will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society!

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