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------- SWTFUII Evolution Mod Version 1 Coming Soon ---------

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Version 1 Coming Soon

Hello to all mates !!!
Now with the beta released a little time back, i need to return to the modding in a little time, some things dont let give me time to modding but in a little i will have some time, the v1 will have more content and some fixes of the beta, some new costumes, possibly new enemies and modified levels, really i have a little lot of content in this months so my propouse is over the v1 for the moment, mates i hope this like to all and wait the v1 !!!

The V1 - Have Aproximately 40% of finish or more... mmm, for the moment i have this features:

. New enemy vitals

. New enemies

. New skins

. new effects

. "God Mode"

. New Player Stats, like rage, health and more

. Possibly the oportunity to shot a gun (i dont promise nothing)... Mmm... Possible !!!

. Possibly more dismember (I dont promise nothing with this idea)... I like this... Possible !!!

. More stances for the player

. More costumes (REQUESTS ARE OPEN !!!)

. Possibly the darth maul two lightsaber blade for play (I Fail xD)

. Modified levels like as seen in the EVOLUTION MOD PREVIEW video (Heroes encounter, stormtrooper battle and ship training)

. And a lot of more content.

Regards to all mates.
JamyzGenius - JFG

rickymaru - - 48 comments

Do you think you can create a npcs spawn system into the mod?

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JamyzGenius Author
JamyzGenius - - 514 comments

mmm interesting xD, but i uknown how hehe, but your idea is awesome xD, like kotf

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