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Sword Art Online Inspired Original Track by ThoughT, the lead composer for No More Room in Hell!

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Hi everyone, ThoughT here!

Just wanted to share a work in progress that I started last night. I also wanted to invite comments and suggestions from fellow anime fans so I can mold this into exactly the type of song that does this amazing Anime justice!

Excogitatoris-Logica - - 2,755 comments

Well, this track is off to a good start alright.
If it's for feedback, the beginning has deceptively low volume imo.
Unfortunately that's about all productive feedback I can give you since I'm definitively not knowledgeable on how making music works. I just really like listening to it. And the music you make is good, which coming from someone as annoying over music/audio quality as me, is meant to be a compliment ;D

On a side note, I'll guess about everyone knows about the *very* mixed reception the SAO anime got, but while I haven't read the manga (so I can't tell firsthand), I hear the anime adaptation of SAO kind of... done goofed on aspects the manga got right. Can anyone tell me how accurate were these rumors? If that's not too derail-y ofc.

Personally I don't hate on the SAO anime, I just wish it hadn't gone so generic animu, and kept up to the hype and well thought setting it built with the first few episodes.

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ThoughTMusic Author
ThoughTMusic - - 265 comments

Hey BreadIsDelicious (I 100% agree with that name btw)! Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I see what you mean with the opening on that. I think building the gain to it's full amount before the louder synth is definitely a good change.

I haven't read the manga, which probably helped me enjoy the SOA anime more than someone who did. Mind sharing what the manga did differently? Super curious on that one!

Anyhow, thanks for taking a listen and I'm thrilled you like my tunes! :D

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