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Making Gabe Newell proud one late update at a time.

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Thank Odin for Valve time or we would have never gotten this patch to you guys on schedule. Hell we were even surprised we managed to finish a patch like this in a single day. Check out our wonderful change log, a patch like this should have taken minutes to fix.

Alpha 10.1

  • Fixed Giant memory leak.
  • Changed Chickens and pigs now spawn less often.

The funny thing about that memory leak is that it had to do with our animation system. And as everyone knows rewriting a games entire animation system only takes a couple minutes to do. Simple logic suggest we spent the rest of the time attending to random shenanigans, and you are 100% absolutely right.

Luckily for you almost all that time was spent into new content for Alpha 11, which in the generally accepted view of time should be out next week for you guys to get your hands on.

What should you expect from Alpha 11?

Along with new mobs we hope to get some new UI features implemented. More specifically this sexy multi-object-tile interface. Which would so happen to be a great update to segue into Aggressive Mobs for Alpha 12.


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The Kitchen

chris2933 - - 10 comments

Great update, played it but there are many bugs. the people just standing there bug just makes the game impossibal to play. its rare that this happens though so i love it!!

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Tastyrice Author
Tastyrice - - 255 comments

One of the very wonders of converting a your graphics library in a week. So much fun bugs left and right :)

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Tastyrice Author
Tastyrice - - 255 comments

We'll be subsequently fixing these bugs with each new update.

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SIGILL - - 1,157 comments

It's way more fun if you do that in one day, you guys should try it for the next update! :D

(Thanks for the fix :) )

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nazfalas - - 541 comments

well it's an alpha, isn't it? :)

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

Downloaded. I love this games look and style, and the gameplay sounds very intriguing. I'll be sure to play the Chicken Edition soon.

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sweetbrooo - - 9 comments

Chicken editon? Get the settler editon at least!

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Leafhouse - - 19 comments

As always, you guys win.

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x3nu - - 174 comments

SoR was 4 on the popular games ^^^

I need to find some money...

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