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Bugs, Trees, and a long week of work. Starcraft 2 give-away, just a personal "we're sorry" for going two weeks without any news.

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Long story short; bugs... and lots of them.

While the release was technically finished last Tuesday our wonderful community, Garrett, and myself spent the better part of last week fixing a plethora of bugs. You would think adding trees and having the dwarfs cut it down would be straight forward? Unfortunately in Video Game Land implementing simple features like that tends to break your game.

Alpha 7

  • Giant wooden & green strange towers that the natives call "Trees"
  • Brown hearty strong material known as "Wood" fall amongst the destruction of "Trees"
  • Dwarves have the ability to cut down "Trees"
  • "Tree" animation set added
  • New dwarf variation added; black dwarf cuts down trees and the white hair mines. *hints at upcoming jobs system*
  • Dwarf cutting animation added
  • Nuclear poof effect added

We wanted to give a special thanks to Stankor, Tacobuilder, Bombiscator, & Eternalist for taking time all last week in testing our build to get it to the state it's in now. Although you can freely blame them for all the bugs they didn't find in this build.

Just like any good relationship, we wanted to make it up to you guys for a prolonged two weeks of silence. Our good friend Thelordofpi has two copies of Starcraft 2 to give-away to you guys.
However, because our lack of creativity (and laziness) we couldn't think of a fun way to give it away to you guys.

So we thought, why don't we have you guys make a creative way to win? Tell us a joke, send us concept art, make a Minecraft level, create a video; just give us a reason to give you a copy of Starcraft 2. Submit your entries at:

The winners will be posted in next weeks news post.

While all this great progress towards our ultimate vision of the game we also wanted to inform our community we plan our having much more frequent and easier to install updates. Survivors of Ragnarok will be up on Desura which is not only exciting news for us but also should be great news for you guys.

Desura will allow us to quickly update any new features to the game immediately allowing us to quickly implement new features and allow the community to test them out immediately. This allows us to quickly find bugs and fix them faster which allows for quicker implementations of new features. We rarely begin adding new features unless the current one implemented is relatively bug free. Quicker feedback allows us to implement more features more frequently. Which is generally regarded as a good thing.

Speaking of generally good things. Silver is a fairly rare and valuable ore that we really hasn't been found by any of our dwarves yet... we really need to do something about that. Looks like it's time to rally the search time and have them embark on a new quest. Let's just hope they found those missing chickens...

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I was just thinking this morning that I hadn't seen an update from you in a while.

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