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Cause every great beginning... actually had a beginning before that.

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We hope everyone has been enjoying our latest build and all the goodies that came bundled with it. New mob types and new features are always welcomed additions to a game very much in pre-alpha.

Next week, October 5th, we will be technically celebrating a whole years worth of development. I say technically because we did not publicly go live with the project until November 19th. Much of the month of October was devoted to a lot of pre-production work that birthed a wonderful 19 page document that anyone of our wonderful parents have access too.

In the month of October we will be having some pretty witty articles on the history of SoR, French Rice Games, and your obnoxiously wonderful developers. We will also be giving away tons of free things not only to celebrate this event but also thank you guys for all the support you've given us. We can't express how grateful we are to you guys and all the support you've given us. You make Code Monkeys, Bards, and Ninjas so humble and proud to have such a fantastic community like you guys.

Along with Alpha 12, next week we want to do a strictly community centered news post. You guys are free to ask everything and anything. This can be directed to Garrett, Kabraxis, myself, or the company as a whole. Hell it can even be directed to Loki himself if you wish.

Also what many of you may not know but when your wonderful artist Tastyrice (who is currently talking to himself in third person right now) is not doing silly pixel art of Loki actually really is the company ninja. He (likes to talk in third person apparently) is part of a tricking group known as the Muggle Slayers.

What is ticking you ask? Well that's what Wikipedia is for.

Tricking (short for martial arts tricking) is the informal name of a type of physical activity derived from the martial arts that includes techniques found in gymnastics, B-boying, and similar disciplines. Examples of incorporated techniques include the 540 kick from Taekwondo, the butterfly twist from Wushu, and the double leg from Capoeira. The sport aims to create an "aesthetic blend of flips, kicks, and twists." Tricking differs from similar arts in that expression and exploration are more heavily favored. An individual who practices tricking is typically referred to as a "trickster" or "tricker".

In short think of it as the bastard child of Freerunning/Parkour and Martial Arts.

And no we are not kidding. His (he really needs to stop talking in third person) Muggle Slayer Profile.


Along with a neat little video of the Muggle Slayers latest adventures.

So what does this have to pertain to anything your wondering? Well next weekend Genel (thaaat's me) will be attending a Tricker Gathering in Orlando. Leaving Garrett and Kabraxis to be without an artist for 3 days. What we were thinking if enough people were interested was streaming this event live for you guys to check out.

Before we conclude this post we would like to share a Public Service Announcement from the Foundation Against Piggy-Abuse, or F.A.P. for short.

Help fight against mistreated pigs and piggy abuse by adopting a pig today. There are plenty of pigs that still need a loving home. More importantly there are plenty of children that need a pig to love.

Desura Digital Distribution

Be a parent. Adopt a pig today.

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lol I love that motivational

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Except for the typo...

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Tastyrice Author
Tastyrice - - 255 comments

Yeah I caught that as well....

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keep up the good work guys ^^

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Everyone should join FAP!

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