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My quest to find a perfect "cartoonish" art style and my goal of creating the most polished game I could in 9 days!

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Three days ago Ifinally got frustrated with the other game I am working on(The Wormhole). With
the time I was putting into it and the poor creativity I was getting in return I felt like I needed, lets say a sabbatical away from it. This sabbatical materialized into "Survive The Flies" an endless runner were crazy
and humongous flies and insects would be flying at you to devour your soul! or give you a really bad sting at least, yes I know flies do not sting.

So then began the epic journey, First I knew that this had to be a "quicky" so I gave myself a 5 day deadline, but as I got into it I felt like I had something there. So, I changed my deadline to 9 days while also telling myself that I had to polish it as much as I could. Polished in terms of the graphics
and game-play, with that said here is the first screen shot :) let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

About 60 percent finished :)

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