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Available in version 1.2. 15 waves, perks, antlions and combines.

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Survival. Description of this mode.
Available in version 1.2
15 waves, perks, antlions and combines.

The 4th wave - a wave of manhacks.
The 7th wave - the deadly laser on the middle of the map.
The 10th wave - squad of combines.
The 13th wave - rollermines.
The 15th wave - Antlion guard.

2FFAT9ASup4 Perk of manhack: allows to create manhack on num5 (10 seconds)

O9Eqhc6KCZc Perk of the rebel: creates the rebel

PXIL8I7US34 Perk of crystals: gives a mega gravity-gun (30 seconds)

All perks appear incidentally after the 6th wave (Inclusive).
Exception: the 5th wave, on it is given to "Manhack's perk" automatically and works prior to the beginning of the following wave.

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