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Seafoam Islands - what lies at the depths of it? Dive down into this post and see what secrets await you in the bottom of Seafoam Islands.

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So, if you’ve played Demo 4 or 5 of Faith & Prayer Version, you’ve likely come across the left chamber. You get here by reaching what was formerly Articuno’s platform in HgSs. You’ll also notice, in game, there’s an intact wall there and not actually a hole in the wall. Reasons for this!

Sometime in Demo 6, you’ll receive an item called the Frost Orb. This Orb allows you to open the pathway in Seafoam Islands Depths. The chamber to the right is Articuno’s Chamber in Faith & Prayer Version. Are you worthy enough to capture Articuno, the mythical Bird of Ice?

… What do you mean I have to tell them the rest. What more is there!? *sweating nervously*

Okay fine! You’ve forced my hand! It wouldn’t be worth talking about if there wasn’t more to the event that meets the eye. You all should know this by now!

So, we have the basics covered: You need to obtain the Frost Orb to unlock Articuno’s Chamber in Faith & Prayer Version in order to battle it, but the event doesn’t end there. Or rather, it doesn’t start there. If you’ve played Touhoumon 1.8 game variants, you’ll be aware that the Legendaries are usually replaced with Puppets, typically the TH01 cast. The list of what was where is as follows:

  • Yuugenmagan - Seafoam Islands
  • Kurumi - Kanto Power Plant
  • Mima - Mt. Ember
  • Elis - Cerulean Cave
  • Sariel - Navel Rock, peak
  • Konngara - Navel Rock, depths
  • Singyoku - The Roamers

So, when you open the path to Articuno’s chamber, upon entering, you notice a cutscene unfolding before your eyes: Yuugenmagan and Articuno are duking it out for territorial control. If you’ve been following the story of Faith & Prayer, Pokemon have been driven from their natural habitats out of fear of Puppets fighting each other. Why? Who knows! It is a mystery! It’s not important to this! What is important is that Articuno hasn’t been driven off. Or rather, none of the legendary birds have. They refuse to be driven off their territory so easily. Unfortunately, their powers are too evenly matched.

And that’s where you come in.

When you enter, their fighting is at a stalemate, neither can defeat the other. Your entry is what determines that its time to tip the scales. Their fighting halts, and you are left with the ability to fight one or the other. The first one you choose to fight, you cannot capture right away. This is territorial combat after all! The first one you defeat goes into roaming around he world, and the second one remains. You can battle and capture the second one after the fight.

Have a preview of the event in action!

The same will be true for other legendaries. I haven’t decided on how to get some of the others yet, but, here’s the drafted list:

  • Seafoam Islands Depths: Articuno vs. Yuugenmagan
  • Mt. Silver Depths: Moltres vs. Mima
  • New Mauville Depths: Zapdos vs. Kurumi
  • Cerulean Cave Depths*: Sariel vs. Mewtwo

So yes, more small little events to give life to the world of Faith & Prayer Version! You can expect to get the Frost Orb near the end of Demo 6, so make sure to double back to Seafoam Islands to pick up your Articuno or Yuugenmagan!

… Wait, what do you mean “What’s up with the asterisk near Cerulean Cave”? Hahahahahahahahaha. Wouldn’t you like to know~ Oh man Cerulean Cave will be a beautiful blast. Keep your eyes peeled, you won’t wanna miss what I have in store.

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Is this game still being worked on?

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DerxwnaKapsyla Author
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The game is indeed still being worked on, I'm getting close to finishing Demo 6 - just about a few more trainers here and there, then I sent it off for testing and polishing.

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