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Just detailing what's happening with the project now

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Hey guys,

So it's been like a year since I put a hold on this mod and I don't remember if I told you guys why. I'll put it here again just in case.

Last year I got a new job which took up like almost all my time, giving me barely any time to put any work into this, and Jonas had started University which gave him barely any time to do anything. After I managed to get a break it turns out the dev team did literally no work, so I put a hold on the mod until I could find a new dev team. I've been unsuccessful so far but I've met a few people who're coders, concept artists and so on and I think that - with some persuasion - I could get them to help me out on this. I'm re-writing the GDD when I can at the moment, hopefully it'll be enough to keep the development team going without having to have me there all the time.

I said it'd be quick, I wish I had more to give you (I also wish the mod was in a playable state by now :c) but as I've said a few times before - I won't let this mod die. Bare in mind that this isn't a promise of the mod coming out of hiatus, it's just confirming the possibility. Hopefully it'll happen - and if it does then great!

So I'll see you guys later!

TheRealFloki - - 304 comments

No problem, it's good to know that you didn't quit this mod.

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Cyborg_Putin - - 992 comments

Don't worry man, take your time :)

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Vosla - - 657 comments

Heh. I wait for Half-Life 3 right from the start. Why should I redicule you for a little wait on this one ? ;-)

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