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Norteko has set up shop in the adventurer camp to provide you with an easy way to upgrade all of your equipment... for a small fee of course!

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Super Bit Adventure


Upgrading Equipment

Norteko has set up shop in the adventurer's camp where you will find yourself conducting various business transactions between your trips into the dungeon. He is available not only to sell you items but to upgrade the ones you already own as well. We aimed to make this process as simple as possible so there's no need to go out searching for loads of materials to craft things. Norteko has made himself very resourceful and a jack of all trades. When you speak with him, all you have to do is click on the piece of equipment you want to upgrade and press the "buy" button.

The upgrade isn't for free though. Norteko has to make money too so he will charge you a small fee to upgrade your equipment. As your equipment rises in level though, so does the fee. Don't expect to be paying 200 gold to upgrade a level 30 Masamune anytime soon. Currently we have it set so that you are able to upgrade your weapon, shield, and armor. After some internal testing, the feature is working smoothly and has entered into a finalized state for the current build. We look forward to seeing what kind of focus players put into upgrading certain equipment.

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