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An early preview of what to expect with a special side dungeon called "The Dark".

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"The Dark"

Located west of your campsite is something very dangerous that only the best adventurers should ever try to challenge. It's a hideous and vicious type of journey that only death and peril will be found in... so we named it a very complicated and terrifying name. "The Dark!" I know... we may not be the most creative bunch around... but it'll have to do.

So located next to the bounty handler is a lonely set of stairs that leads underground. These stairs lay separate from the main dungeon entrance and is set apart from the main story line. This is where you will continue to find adventures long after the main story is over. Hopefully at this point you will be well equipped to face the danger that awaits you.

Within The Dark you will find completely randomized dungeon layouts with various types of loot. It'll be very dark though so vision will also be extremely limited. The stairs that will lead you deeper into The Dark will always be in a randomized location as well! With each level that you descend into, you will find that the monsters you face become increasingly more difficult. There is no end to The Dark... none at all.

The gear you find will also scale with the difficulty level of the floor you're on. The deeper you go, the more powerful items you will find. Rare equipment will also be found in the deepest corners of The Dark that you will not be able to find anywhere else. It won't be easy to find though as floor tiles will contain a variety of traps. These traps can range from spawning monsters, to taking instant damage, or even poison. Monsters will also have special abilities down there. You may encounter some that can teleport, heal, block your attacks, or even place ailments on you.

There isn't just gold and items to be found in The Dark though... there is also glory! We are implementing a leaderboard system to keep track of just how deep you and your friends have gone. This will allow for certain bragging rights and even a sense of competition among other players. The Dark is almost completely finished being coded as we speak and should be in the next build within the week. We've been asked a lot about being able to play, so I want to announce that we WILL be having a Beta Test phase for anyone who wants to try out the game and give feedback. Stay tuned for our future announcements!

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