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As winter approaches, we would like to preview a new wave of dungeons and monsters that you will encounter throughout your adventure!

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Not to steal the line from another very popular franchise, but winter is indeed coming! We are pulling back the curtain to show off a little sample of what we've been working on to bring on the cold. This winter will be full of ice dungeons and cold monsters who want nothing else but to freeze your bones and suck on them like popsicles!


The above image is the first of many ice dungeon levels you will be encountering. This image is taken from our custom made map editor as we are working on it. As you can see we have placed down the tiles for the floor and the walls first before anything else. The beginning structure of our levels are what leads us to the next part of creating our maps.


Here you can see what it looks like when we begin to lay down the physics along the walls, populate it with treasure chests, and place a few random bushes to liven the place up a bit. All of this brings the levels together so that you can really feel the cold hands of death on your shoulder.


And now we have a preview of some of the monsters you'll be facing. Sure they look frightening, but I'm sure a skilled adventurer like you doesn't get easily scared by such creatures. As we bring in the new monsters though, we also would like to announce the arrival of mob abilities. For example, the cold slime will have certain crowd control effects that will be sure to slow you down in your tracks. The larger frost slime will be immune to certain attacks and have ranged abilities to damage you from afar. Lastly, our frost elemental here will have all of the above plus an area of effect ability and teleportation.

We hope that by giving each monster their own unique abilities, it'll increase the fun factor and diversity of combat. Stay tuned as we'll be sure to bring you more along the way.

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