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An overview of Super Bit Adventure's bounty system in the works.

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Bounty System


Our goal for Super Bit Adventure is to have it become a fun pick up and play type of RPG. We didn't want something that you needed to dedicate hours upon hours in order to get anywhere with. Since our platform is for mobile devices, we wanted something that was engaging yet would have the player eager to come back for more. So we decided on the bounty system.


This system will work much like a questing system so to speak. Outside the dungeon where your camp is located stands an emissary who will house these bounties. All you have to do is walk over to him and speak with them to see the current bounties that are available. We made it so that these bounties will be randomized and pop up randomly throughout the day. Our goal for this was to have something fun for players to look forward to no matter what time of the day they're able to pick up their mobile device and play.


The list of bounties available will show the difficulty of each bounty and what your rewards will be. Should you accept a bounty, you will gain access to a special dungeon where you can complete the objective. In this example, you can see how the bounty dungeon appears in the list of available dungeons that pops up when you enter the cave.


The main objective will be marked with a skull upon its head so you can tell it's a special creature. These monsters will be stronger than the normal ones... you know, so you have to work for it. After defeating the creature, you can deliver the news of success back to the emissary and reap your reward! Simple as that.


+5CharismaGames - - 11 comments

I love the concept of the game and it may be presumptuous to say right now (considering this game is still in development), but the virtual controls should resemble that of the NES or N64, to better capture that aesthetic you create with the awesome pixel art.

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3rdPinnacleGames Author
3rdPinnacleGames - - 2 comments

Thanks for the feedback! We are still playing with the controls to try and make it work the best for mobile devices. We will definitely take a closer look into it. Thanks!

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