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Corrections to the Summary of the game, I know that there was spelling and grammar mistakes with the page. Also people have noticed spelling mistakes in the games trailer, I’m working on the problem now. Please stand by. So far the games trailer has gotten positive comments all around, I am quite surprised.

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A man with a perfect life wakes up one day to
find that everything he knows and loves is gone. What would you do, if
everything you loved was gone without a trace? Follow Derrick, as he tries to
discover the location of his absent family. Along the way he discovers that the
world around him is nothing more than a figment of his imagination, and that he
is actually inside his own head. Derrick comes by this knowledge when he meets
a strange old man that knows everything about him including where his family
has gone. It is up to Derrick to track down missing memories in order to return
to his family. Love holds no bounds, as your hero fights through platformer
levels to unlock the secret to his missing loved ones. “The answers that you seek
might not be the answers you want to hear."

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