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"Violence has its own economy. Therefore be thoughtful and precise in your investment." ―Wout Catarn

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The Corporate Machine

Age old companies such as MandalHypernautics and MandalMotors have shown that the warrior people are as skilled with commerce as they are with weapons. Relatively newer companies such as BeskadTech and the Wouten Hypernautics have since taken over these older organizations and made room for more so that the Mandalorian can conquer the galaxy not just by fire but also by economy.


Newcomer to the galactic market is Corden Vencu, successor to Wout Catarn and his WoutenHypernautics corporation. BeskadTech offers pristine and expertly crafted products attuned to your needs. BeskadTech employs a vast number of skilled Mandalorian metalsmiths and artisan gunsmiths to forge the absolute best.

-Drearian Defense Conglomerate
-Luxan Personal Armaments, Ltd.
-Salus Corporation
-Sessian Armaments
-Borstel Galactic Defense
-Castaan Armory
-Cassilis Electronic Defenses
-Taim & Bak
-Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc.
-Galactic Solutions Industries
-BlasTech Industries

Wouten Hypernautics

Rich in history and broad in selection. Current chief executive officer Wout Catarn works tirelessly with his design team to deliver military-grade and civilian leisure repulsor-based vehicles and starships with a varied selection of miscellaneous products.

-Wandrau Arms Corporation
-Uulshos Manufacturing
-Damorian Manufacturing Corporation
-Koensayr Manufacturing
-Mandal Hypernautics
-Tagge Company
-Golan Arms
-Krupx Munitions
-Loronar Corporation

Verpine Systems Integrated

The Verpine have a long history of technological innovation and remarkable advances in many scientific fields befitting their species. It is this impressive legacy that has been united beneath a single corporate banner.
-Tramora Interstellar Communications
-Baktoid Industrial Systems
-Baktoid Armor Workshop
-Galladinium Galactic Exports
-Kraven Energy Systems
-Willienk Data Systems
-Stears Data


Bacta, Kolto, Stims, cybernetic prosthetics and enhancements, foodstuff, agriculture and everything else that secures one's health. That is the focus of MandalMedical. Keeping soldiers and civilians galaxy-wide alive and well regardless of age, species or occupation.
-Core Foodstuffs
-Neuro-Saav Corporation
-Crozo Industrial Products
-Bratan Engineering
-BioTech Industries
-Arkanian Microtechnologies
-Synthtech Medtech Corporation
-Zaltin Corporation
-Xucphra Corporation


Nothing is out of the reach of the intrepid explorers of MandalMining, no precious material beyond its grasp and no world unprofitable for its genius infrastructural planning. MandalMining delves deep and reigns wealthy.
-Alpha Sierra Mining Corporation
-Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation
-Mining Guild
-Deep Core Mining Corporation
-Offworld Mining Corporation
-Raynor Mining Enterprises
-Vaufthau Processing Industries
-TranStar Construction
-Regalis Engineering

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