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How the factions and their respective lords would look like for now

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Ruler: Yamamoto Genryusai

Lords: Ichigo, Kenpachi, Unohana, Renji, Byakuya, Ukitake, Shunsui, Urahara, Mayuri, Rukia, Hitsugaya, Shinji, Hisagi, Kensei, Isshin.


Ruler: Ywach

Lords: Ishida, Haschwalth, Bazz B, Lille, Bambietta, Askin Nak Le Vaar, As Nodt, Gerard, Cang Du, Quilge, Gremmy, Candice, GIselle, Meninas, Nianzol, Liltotto, Robert.

Arrancar Army

Ruler: Aizen Sosuke

Lords: Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Nnoitra, Zomari, Aaroniero, Barragan, Stark, Szayel, Halibel, Yammy, Loupi, Neliel, Wonderweiss, Dordoni, Cirucci, Edrad.


Ruler: Demon King

Lords: Zeldris, Estarossa, Galand, Monspeet, Derieri, Chandler, Cusack, Fraudrin, Melascula, Calmadios, Gowther, Bellion, Gloxinia, Drole, Galla, Rajine.

Holy Knights

Ruler: Bartra

Lords: Meliodas, Escanor, Merlin, Gowther Doll, Diane, King, Ban, Howzer, Gilthunder, Dreyfus, Hendrickson, Arthur, Zaratras, LORD Twigo, Griamore, Deathpierce, Slader, Jericho.

(Demon) Slayers

Ruler: Kagaya

Lords: Inosuke, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Giyuu, Shinobu, Tengen, Iguro, Mitsuri, Sanemi, Gyomei, Muichiro, Rengoku, Genya, Kanao, Yoriichi, Kanae.


Ruler: Sweyn

Lords: Thorfinn, Thors, Thorkell, Askeladd, Floki, Canute, Olaf, Sigurd, Harald (more to come).

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