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This is the storyline for Day of Darkness...By the way, tell us what you think of the Generals and the Storyline, after all it is for you

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The Year is 2058. Iran's Islamic Republic calls for all Western nations to be destoryed in a Holy Crusade. Decades of unrest between the West and the Muslim nation has lead to a final boiling point when Iran forms an alliance known as the Middle Eastern Mujahideen, the members being Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Syria . Iran then quickly launches 2 Chem/Nuclear missiles. One targets Tel Aviv, killing over 500,000 people. The other missile strikes in Geneva. The peace capital of the world, having had peace for almost 800 years, is almost entirely devestated. Then the U.N.A. steps in. The U.N.A. or United Nations Army is composed of several core nations; The USA, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, and China, all of which are now Democratic nations. The U.N.A quickly condems Iran, hastily manages to bring it's "Star Wars" Missile Defense System online, and begins it's mobilization as the MEA quickly begins invading neutral neighbor countries such as Saudi Arabia. At this point terrorist attacks by a group known as the ANA, or Afghan National Army, begin on UNA nations, killing hundreds everyday, supporting and being supported by the MEA, while Germany secretly creates the GLA to give power to civilians around the world to fight off their MEA captors. As the worldwide struggle begins, many begin calling it WWIII while others believe it t be the end of the world... Our Days Of Darkness. Who will YOU lead to victory? The High Tech UNA and their Guerilla allies, or the Mujahideen and their vicoius terrorists supporters?

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