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I do need a team for this mod, please comment if you wish to work with this mod. There is not much content. But I will do Upload more and Mode content to this page.

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Avvimimusdemo4/ November 2210 A.D (30 Years After Planet FMM-UV-32 Was Discoverd and DHC Was Established)

The Cynthium Sector, Which was A Gigantic Continent Surrounded by The FMM-UV-32 Ocean and Was Connected to the Central Sector. DHC Was low on Budget and Lacked The Money to Study the Cynthium Sector. The other reason DHC Did not Want to study the Cynthium Sector was because all the dinosaurs that lived there were the ones found on the Central Sector, and Opening a tour will be of no use if the dinosaurs are what people already know. On This day The Isthmus Broke and The Continent be Came An Independent Island . Slowly by Slowly the The Whole Continent Started to Drift, After 20 Years The Continent Came to Southern Hemisphere Of the Planet. All the Dinosaurs that to Roam the Cynthium Sector also gone through Massive Biological Changes Making Which Resembled Cretaceous Dinosaurs. Within the 20 years DHC Made enough Budget to Visit and Study the Continent but not to Open A Hunting Tour. But Out of nowhere the Ocean Started Drifting North Due the Ocean Currents. And took an another 20 Years to Come Back to It's Original Position. DHC's Budget Doubled and in the 20 Years And Collaborated With 'Binominal', Which Is A Firearm Company which Manufactures Firearms for the Military and Special Forces. The Dinosaurs That Went Through Huge Biological Changes Were on Set and hence DHC Opened their new Hunting Tour: "Cretaceous Cyntium".

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