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It has been a while! Finally glad to be working on this more often again. Now I also have help with me to get this done faster.

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It is May 5th, 2013 and I decided to give out some word on what I've done recently.

Here is a list of changes that I've made.

  • The music has been changed. Third level music and the final boss music were changed because I felt that it didn't really fit with what they were put to.
  • The movement and the feel of the character were changed and is now faster paced. I'm still trying to find some tweaks so you can have full control of the character with his actions
  • I'm also proud to say that I have some friends helping me out on this project. 1Her0 is doing the additional artwork and man his art style is amazing! Fleskhjerta is also helping me out in terms of story and finding out the bugs for me to fix.

This isn't the end of the updates. I'll be posting another one sometime soon so keep an eye out for this game and thank you so much for following it!

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