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I'm currently going through a real life transition, which should all be sorted some time in February.

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Recently, life got very hectic. I've been guaranteed a job (And, as any stalker of mine would know, I've been unemployed for two years).
Ergo, I'm currently doing everything I can to run the course I need to run to get the job. The job is actually down on the south-east coast of the UK - whilst I'm currently living in the West Midlands of the UK. Ontop of that, I need to complete a 4-week ICT Course in two weeks.

So, I have from now to January 10th to finish a four week course and raise £530 ($1000?), for a five-day course that starts on the 11th (to the 16th). Then, I'll speak to this guy (employer) about where I'll be based (Somewhere along the coast, likely London). I'll then get an apartment, do a month's work and buy me some internets.

So yeah. Big life moment for me right now, but I will get back onto Project Earth as soon as I'm settled again! My apologies for those looking forward to the January open day. :(

Watch this spot!


thats ok, lifes more inportant ;)

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Azkanan Author

I disagree. It's just more prevailant and thus, gets in the way of the reality that is the intertubes. :|

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Gogo! Good luck!

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Good luck ;D

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