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First of all we feel sorry for the lack of updates in the last time, this mod is neither dead nor it is going to die. We are now using the CryEngine 3 for the mod and decided to focus on Episode 1 first, for more information read the full article...

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Hello again,
Five months are a very long time and somehow they just passed and I did not realize that there was no update during this time. I feel very sorry for this and can understand that a couple of you thought our mod would be dead.It is not. Five months without any news does not mean five months without any progress but most of us are going to finish school soon and have to learn for their exams or even already started to study at university so we could not work as much on the mod as we would have liked to.

Anyway, in the meanwhile the modding tools for Crysis 2 have been released and the free CryEngine 3 mod SDK have been released and as already announced we are now developing the mod with this tools.
Furthermore we made another decision: The mod is more 1,5 years old and we are still far away from releasing anything so we decided to focus on Episode 1 now (this does NOT mean that we won´t create the other episodes anymore, we will continue after Episode 1 is finished and the assets we already made are not lost!). This decision is another reason for the lack of updates a nearly finished Kamino landing platform, the deathstar landing bay and a couple of other nearly finished assets have to wait until the first part is finished. At the moment I am writing a game (or more precise: "mod") design document to improve the efficiency of the team and you can look forward to see our B1 battledroid soon.

Our biggest problem is the fact that our team is not big enough; a lot of people left the team and this is just too much work for the few of us. If you want to support us we would be really glad, we need everybodyand due to the release of the free SDK you do not even need Crysis 2 to join the team, just send me an email if you want to help us.

May the force be with you,

Till and the "A Galaxy in Crysis" modding team

evgenidb - - 372 comments

I have a question: Somewhere I read that you could play as both sides - good and evil. Does this mean that each mission you could play from the perspective of both sides or the playable sides will be decided on what mission it is? For example, one mission would be only from the perspective of the good guys, another mission - you play the bad.

And another question, when you finish the work on Episode 1, would you release it as demo, episode, chapter or whatever-you-call-it or you'll wait for the whole game to finish?

P.S. I wish you that you finish the MOD!

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Till3142 Author
Till3142 - - 293 comments

Well, we are not sure whether you can play both sides, of course it would be nice but it might be too much work.
About your second question: We will probably release a demo as soon as possible and will release Episode 1 when it is finished. Afterwards we will continue with the next part, you don´t have to wait until the whole game is finished.

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--Atlas-- - - 610 comments

I hope this mod will never ''die''

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Some-Dude - - 6 comments

How big is your team?

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Till3142 Author
Till3142 - - 293 comments

Only 5-6 active members...

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Guest - - 696,006 comments

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