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Long time no talk. However, a lot of work has been done behind the curtains.

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We have updated the game to v 2.00.02818 and the following is a short summary of the changelog:

+ the Message of The Day notification system
+ added ping to the scoreboard
+ added damage dealt and accuracy to the scoreboard (damage dealt exists in old scoreboard files)
+ new CTF missions: Arsenal CTF; Hack and Slash CTF
+ new bonus campaign/co-op missions: Onslaught; Purgatory
+ better profile updating
+ player Initiated Voting - Includes mission changes and player kicks. (Admins can force map changes or create votes even if it's disabled.)
+ name tags
+ chat bubble
+ team balancing
+ fixed CTF and Deathmatch bugs
+ IP address of server is now shown in server browser
+ manual connection to a server using IP address and port
+ passwords can be set for joining your server, and/or for admin mode access.
+ instant Chase Cam switch during multiplayer (at all times) and during single player (if it's unlocked). Q or Left Thumbstick Click on some gamepads is the default toggle control. (removed the chase camera toggle from the menu as it is now unnecessary due to the toggle control)
+ added a limited visibility chase cam mode toggle for better performance on slow machines
+ full support of Microsoft Xbox 360 gamepads (XInput) on Windows (support on Linux and Mac OSX depends on how well OS supports the device natively)
+ default gamepad settings now match Microsoft Xbox 360 controls for the Logitech Rumblepad 2


The price has been also set to [ppbranchg12460smartprice for the time being. Help Desura to become one of the leading digital distributors, help Kot-in-Action to produce more good games!


This is one sweet shooter. It's a lot harder then it looks & gets pretty intense at times.

I haven't gotten to try SP yet, I'm still finishing up Episode 2.

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motorsep Author

Glad you like the game! :)

What do you mean you have not tried SP ? (SP stands for single-player I suppose)

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My mistake, haven't tried MP yet. :)

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This is a great game and I love the fact there is a Linux version of it. I have really been enjoying playing it. I may not be the best player but it is a lot of fun. I also like that you can do one level in about 15-25 minutes. So if you want to play a short game you can without any problems.

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