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While I noticed lack of interest in new content for original Steel Storm, I figured maybe Steel Storm 2 news would cheer you up.

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I haven't had a chance to create new page on IndieDb for Steel Storm 2, therefore I am simply posting updates here, since the two games are related.

Although Steel Storm 2 development has been really slow, due to tech fighting us, finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Storm Engine v2 has is at the point where we can definitely say it's production ready. Soon I will be able to focus on artistic endeavors, churning out content for Steel Storm 2 alpha.

Storm Engine v2 is based on Doom 3 BFG engine, which as you may already know is a fuse of idTech 4 (Doom 3) and idTech 5 (Rage) engines. Unified lighting meets performance.

Here are a few bits of info about Steel Storm 2.

Events of the game will be taking place in the alternative universe, where sci-fi goes hand in hand with ancient past. Highly developed civilization of humankind possesses advanced technology to make life comfortable, but not for all. Monarchy rules the nation, with separatists Union seeking a power to take over defenseless territories. Such commotion spawns conflict which leads gruesome localized war conflicts. Both sides of conflict seek for natural resources of higher fidelity, new energy sources, to allow building more outposts, protect territories and defeat their opponent.

That's the general outline of the world you will be delving into, as former officer of Royal Interstellar Armored Corps (R.I.A.C.) division of the Monarchy (Monarchy is a "good guy", sorta) who took part of the operation called "Burning Retribution" in the past (/me nodding at Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Well, hello there! ) Freelance resources scout by trade these days, you will be on your way to yet another mission to make ends meet. While mission will seem to me mundane, a place you will be heading to has been a stuff of legends.

That's where you will discover who you are, what was your purpose and if you will make it to the future, you shall unravel yet more mysteries.

So, there you have it - story driven, sandboxy FPS. Classic gun play, exploration, NPCs, vehicles, gore and tore off kickable heads (hello Blood; although I am not 100% sure yet about this feature Evil ). All wrapped into anime / manga art style, with rockish/technoish tunes. Did I mention gore already? Evil

So far we planned on having no regenerating health, no iron sights, no "turn around, get back on route", etc.

The game's lore is deep and vast. Story needs more space too. Therefore we split the game into 4 chapters. Currently working on Chapter 1.

PixelWrench - - 2 comments

I like the cell shading work and the music, and the design on that pistol is really unique! Keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing your progress :)

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motorsep Author
motorsep - - 255 comments

Thanks! :)

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megaflux - - 145 comments

can we trade our tomes of mephistopheles preorders for it?

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motorsep Author
motorsep - - 255 comments

I am sure we can figure something out. I just need a way to find if you ordered ToM. When times comes for alpha to be released, ping me to pm and I will get with Desura to verify your order.

p.s. The game will be out on Steam first.

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Toyotame - - 302 comments

Oh, lol. I was thinking that my 5$ i paid gone to vain already :) So, there is still hope for this game.
BTW, i dont get how can developers say "it will be on Steam first" when you need to go through Greenlight to do that.

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